What is Recidivism? And How Do We Stop It?

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And How Do We Stop It?

Recidivism is defined as the tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend.  According to the U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC) and their study drawing on data on more than 25,400 former prisoners, almost half (49.3%) had, within the next eight years, been arrested again, whether for a new offense or for violating conditions of their parole. Among the offenders released or paroled, during the same period nearly a third (31.7%) had been re-convicted, with 24.7% of them also re-incarcerated.

The research also showed that re-offenses typically occurred fairly quickly, generally within the first two years after release or parole (the average interval was about 21 months). And among serious offenses, the more frequent crimes for re-arrest were offenses against public order, drug trafficking, and larceny.

SO WHAT DO WE DO…enter LEAP Workshop, founded in Florida 3 years ago, with a primary purpose to build better, stronger and safer communities through helping ex-offenders transform mentally, emotionally and physiologically; thus making the transition back into the community a significantly more successful experience.

In addition to the self-work, coaching and mentoring, these returning citizens have the opportunity to participate in computer coding programs, employ-ability training and small business/entrepreneurship programs and workshops. Participants develop their own incantation for individual change, learning, understanding and applying the power of the following key strategies:

  • The Science of Achievement
  • The Art of Fulfillment
  • Extraordinary Psychology
  • Belief
  • Language Use
  • Patterns of Physiology
  • Connecting Quality-of-Life with Quality-of-Emotions

The Workshop has helped several ex-offenders upon release who are now living productive lives, and are not only contributing and tax paying members of society, but some are even running their own small businesses, hiring other ex-offenders from the Workshop.  To Learn More Please Visit: http://leapworkshop.org/ .


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