What if a hearing is set after filing a Marchman Act petition?

Once a  Marchman petition has been reviewed and a hearing has been set, then the court is going to set a hearing within 10 days. At that time the respondent has to be notified. They have to be provided with a copy of the notice of the hearing so they know when and where the hearing is going to take place and they have to be provided with a copy of the summons. In other words, the court order that mandates, requires them, to come before the court. They’re going to need to be either served by a local sheriff or if you use a lawyer, the lawyer is almost certainly going to use a private processor, which makes things a whole lot more efficient. Then the person is going to have to present themselves before the court and then the court initially is going to determine if an assessment needs to be ordered. If an assessment is ordered and a determination is made that the treatment is necessary, then the court is going to order that person into treatment.