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Good afternoon, everyone. This is the first video that I’ve shot in my office. I’m sitting at my desk. This is where I do my thing. This is where I come every day to get work done and meet with clients. I come in here to get things done. Today, I didn’t have any appointments set. I’m one of those people who, if there’s not enough going on, I get frustrated. I don’t know if I get depressed, but I think I get bored.
I need the stimulation. I need to be in the fight. I need to be helping people. I spend a lot of time listening to personal growth and self-help audio books. One of the people that I’ve been listening to a lot lately is Grant Cardone. Grant is based in Miami. He’s a self-made guy. He puts out a lot of amazing content. He’s in recovery. Between the ages of 15 and 25, he was using drugs and alcohol as a way to drown out the pain of losing his father at an early age. He’s been a significant source of inspiration for me.
Normally, when I’m in the gym in the morning, I listening to something that he’s put out. He puts a lot of content out on YouTube. He also has some really great audio books. As someone who doesn’t have time to sit down and read, I listen to a lot of audio books. While I’m tuning up my body, I’m also working to tune up my mind. It gets my mind set straight to come into work, into this office, get things done and try to help as many people as I possibly can.
Today I came in and didn’t have any appointments booked. One of the things that Grant Cardone talks about is touching base with some of your old clients. That serves two purposes. First, your former clients can be a great source of business. You reach out to a former client and it turns out that they need your help or a referral to someone who can help them. You can help former clients. Second, it lets people know that you’re still thinking about them and you still care about them.
Sometimes as lawyers, we lose sight of the forest for the trees. We’re so busy doing our thing. We’re focused on the next file in front us. We forget the other people we may have helped in the past. I reached out to a couple of clients today, one of whom had come to me for counsel about a potential Marchman Act. He was also working on potentially getting divorced. It turned out that he was able to get his then-spouse into treatment. She’s now in treatment. He’s taking care of the kids. He’s under enormous pressure and strain. He said to me, “I need help. I need someone to talk to. I feel like I’m starting to lose my mind.” I was able to give him a couple of referrals. He sent me a text five minutes later thanking me for reaching out to him. He said, “Thank you for caring enough to keep in contact with me.”
As someone who is building his business, trying to help a lot of people, that is really inspiring. It feels good. The feeling that had come over me this morning, where I was a little frustrated, has gone. I’m going to call more former clients. I’m going to let those people know that I still care about them and thinking about them. I’m going to put them on my mailing list as a way to keep in contact with them. While it’s not always easy to see the forest for the trees, try to make a little time to let former clients know that you still care about them. If you do that, I think that the universe will reward you. You won’t just feel good about what you do, but you’ll get some new clients walking in the door. That’s my thought of the day.

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