The National Heroin Epidemic

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I’m excited to be doing my very first personal video blog. It’s been a good weekend. It’s nice to spend a weekend where there’s no hurricane bearing down on us. I got a lot accomplished this weekend.
This evening, I went for dinner to one of my favorite places, Lemongrass in Boca Raton. As we got done with dinner, we were sitting at the bar, and 60 Minutes came on. They were doing a segment on the heroin epidemic that is ravishing cities and towns throughout Ohio. It’s not just a problem that’s unique to Florida. In fact, it’s a nationwide epidemic.

For my first personal video blog, I’m imploring you, if you know anyone who is dealing with this issue, don’t be shy about saying something to them and letting them know that there are professionals out there who want to help to save lives. I have access to lots of free resources. I never charge for a consultation.

As part of my first video blog, I want you to reach out to someone that you might know who is dealing with the issue of substance abuse and mental health, and ask them to give me a call. I’m excited to be doing this video blog. I thank my social media guru, Sophie, for encouraging me to do this. I’m looking forward to talking with all of you on a much more regular basis.

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