The Journey – from Addiction to Recovery | Podcast with Jayson Williams, Stuart M. Goffman, Alan Mednick and Sean Nassif

This episode is jam packed with some of the most amazing stories we’ve heard on this show yet and some of the most inspirational guests. Be sure to go on this emotional ride with us. -Jayson Williams discusses his amazing journey. is an American former professional basketball player. He played for the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Nets. He is the Rebound Program Founder and Recovery Advocate for Futures Recovery Healthcare. His life experiences and his own recovery provide him the unique opportunity to reach many people and to advocate for families and individuals to seek the help they need. Rebound 855-502-hope Stuart M. Goffman, Creator, Executive Producer Based on his first-hand experiences and relationships in the addiction field, Stuart created ADDICTION UNPLUGGED to humanize addiction and recovery and to show stories of hope so people can see addiction from a different point of view. Alan Mednick is an advocate for people suffering with mental illness. realconvoshow IHeartRadio 1290 sat at 12pm for new shows Sean Nassif co-founded the Rebound program with Jayson Williams at its genesis in 2016. He was drawn to the concept by his innate desire to help others, his athletic prowess, and his appreciation for the reward of approaching and overcoming challenges. Sean attended Florida Atlantic University to study Psychology and play football for the Owls. After college, he started a program for kids in Pre-K to 12th grade centered on a message of anti-bullying, self-defense, life coaching, martial arts, and self-help as avenues for a better, longer life. His passion for helping those with substance use disorders stems from personal experiences witnessing friends and family have their lives affected. Jayson credits Sean with being the most important person in his life, and Sean is extremely humble about wearing that title, but it does represent Sean’s commitment to helping others find their way to a better life. Whether that’s a skydive or simply looking up at the sky with a truly clear head.

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