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I never realized when I made the desperate phone call to Mark Astor, he would save my 20 year old daughters life! Mark was a lawyer second and a true caring person first! With professionalism, sincerity, and true concern over the severity of my daughters alcohol and heroin addiction along with the knowledge and experience of the Marchman Act, he was able to have my daughter brought into a highly recommended 90 day Detox and Rehab program, within hours of that first phone call. Thank you Mark, as we are eternally grateful to you and your work which helps save good peoples lives.



When your son has overdosed 5 times in 5 months, what do you do as a parent and he doesn’t want help? We never heard of “The Marchman Act” until people who have been trying to help our son told us about it. Mark Astor, attorney and counselor at law at Drug & Alcohol Attorneys, was recommended to us. We called Mark on Tuesday and talked for a long time on the phone. Mark explained The Marchman Act to us. On Wednesday, we decided to meet Mark to file The Marchman Act by 5pm the next day. On Thursday, our son was on his way to detox and he was “safe”. Mark worked extremely quick knowing time was not on are side. We needed to act fast to save our son. By Wednesday of the next week, we went to court and the magistrate court ordered our son to rehab for 90 days. We, as parents, felt this was our last chance to help our son.  Mark Astor was very knowledgeable about “The Marchman Act”, had all the resources and help to file the papers with the court quickly, and had our son safe in detox within 24 hours from when we first met with him. My husband and I felt like Mark was a true friend not just our lawyer. This was one of the hardest things we had to do as parents but it was the right decision. We cannot thank Mark enough for all his help and support especially as this all happened the same week as hurricane IRMA to add more stress. We pray our son understands why we did this. WE LOVE HIM.

M.S. & N.S.

In June of 2016, the lawyers at DrugAndAlcoholAttorneys.com represented me at a hearing in Orlando (by phone) in a case where I was seeking eligibility to obtain a real estate license in the State of Florida. To be approved for a license in this profession, you must be fingerprinted and background checked. When prior convictions of drug charges came up on my background check, I was asked to appear at a hearing in Orlando in front of the Board of The Department of Business and Professional Regulations. Thanks to my Attorney, I won my case by a unanimous decision. This is not an easy task. They are amazing, and my attorney was thorough, detailed, and extremely professional. He won over the entire Board before I even spoke for myself. After the hearing, 2 people asked me privately for his number. I can honestly say that my Attorney was completely understanding and compassionate towards my situation and others who have made mistakes or have gone through a bad time in their life. He told me that the firm believes everyone deserves a second chance, and that fair representation should be available to all. I would wholeheartedly recommend the lawyers from this website to anyone who has drug or alcohol related charges and is looking for representation. They will truly fight for you.

Laurie S.

Boca Raton, FL

It is our honor and privilege to recommend the attorneys at Drug and Alcohol Attorneys. Our council made us feel that he was representing one of his own family members. He had superior speaking and writing skills, which were extremely beneficial to our case, and was someone who first listens, then thoroughly and objectively considers all the evidence before making a decision. He would always consult with us before moving forward, and his maturity of character, personal convictions and dedication was well reflected in his service. We felt our attorney always put our wellbeing before himself, in order to accomplish what was right and true. He not only read and researched the evidence of our case, but researched other similar cases.

I am an anxious person and sometimes referred to as a relentless person, but our attorney never made me feel that I was either bothering or badgering him. He almost always answered our phone calls and if not, he was always very quick to respond. The team at Drug and Alcohol Attorneys always made themselves available during times that most would consider after hours, and were always thorough and patient in explaining the status, details and development of our case. They made this stressful time much easier for us, with their patience and guidance.

To be honest, we never expected a lawyer to go as above and beyond as ours did. You can rest assured that if we are ever in need of legal assistance again, we will be calling the team at Drug and Alcohol Attorneys, and if we know anyone who needs any legal assistance, we will refer them.

Thank you so much for all your help, support, guidance, caring, professional expertise and knowledge…..we really do not know how we could have made it through and or settled matters without you.

Gerald & Arelene K.

pompano Beach, FL

I had a difficult situation in my life this month that required me to have good legal representation to avoid a possibly very negative and long term outcome should the Judge rule against me. Unfortunately, I did have an attorney who was representing me on this and another matter. I felt that the representation was so substandard that I had to let that attorney go. Fortunately an attorney taking care of a different matter recommended Mark Astor to me as “THE” Attorney that I wanted to hire. What a difference! The moment we met in the office, from the firm handshake to the crisp and thorough questioning about my case, I know I had the “Right” Attorney. We spoke for several hours going over the pertinent information and preparing me for what may be asked of me if I had to take the stand.When we walked into that court room at 8:00 AM, I finally was confident. I was prepared and I knew Mark was prepared,he called me at 8:00 PM at home to clarify a point for the morning hearing.

As it turned out, Mark was so deft and skillful in handling everything thrown at us by the other party and the judge that I never had to testify saving the possibility of complications. I was extremely happy with fthe outcome. When we first met he said, “I am the man for the job and I know what I am doing”. He proved himself without a shadow of doubt. Mark was worth every dime of his fee, which was not unreasonable.

As it turned out, I knew his father from some 30 years ago and I knew he came from the lineage a a well respected man and friend. If you hire Mark, I know you will be well served as I was.


Mark Astor was the answer to my prayers before I even had the chance to pray. Mark worked with me to get an arrest record expunged from my childhood that could have caused some major setbacks in my career and ultimately life. From the beginning, Mark explained how the process would work, kept in constant contact with me through the year-long process and when the time came for the hearing, Mark made sure my case was one of the first ones in the docket. In total, I spent 20 minutes in court that day. Marked had all my paperwork in order ready to sign which the judge did promptly. Could not have found a better lawyer. Highly recommend Mark for your needs!

– Thank You Mark.


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