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The Result – Innovative Treatment Facilities.

In part one of our editorial on opioid addiction, and how it has changed the perception of drug use, we discussed the growth of this problem and how it has changed the perception of the stereotypical substance abuser, resulting in a growth of innovative treatment centers and curriculums.  We felt it appropriate to follow this editorial by highlighting a few of our favorite innovative treatment centers, Recovery Unplugged, which provides comprehensive, music-based addiction treatment. Combining traditional care practices with an evidence-based, music-focused treatment model, Recovery Unplugged patients use the elements of songwriting and music appreciation to access their internal voices, develop their confidence, and achieve a deeper connection to their recovery.

The challenge with typical treatment programs, besides most of it being based on talk-therapy, is that eventually you have to leave. What can be done in 30 days can be easily undone in 30 minutes. Although addicts have much in common, there are individual needs that are ignored in most treatment centers. “At Recovery Unplugged® Treatment Center, we get to know each client as an individual, allowing us to better understand his or her needs for a full recovery,” said Benjamin Sadler from Recovery Unplugged “Just as everyone is different, so are our clients’ needs for rehabilitation and long-term sobriety. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to give our clients the best chance at returning to society as sober, motivated individuals.

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The treatment philosophy centers on providing clients with a full continuum of care and rehabilitation with guidance and support every step of the way. Clients engage in day or night treatment with community housing, intensive outpatient programming, aftercare, and sober living.  For more information about the RU treatment approach, visit

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