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Our Fees

At Drug and Alcohol Attorneys, we never hide the cost of retaining one our attorneys, we like to be up front with everyone, that way you’ll know what to expect when you chat with one of us.

As such, we use flat fee billing which takes the mystery and stress out of budgeting for your case, and you never have to worry that you’ll be billed for every phone call and email after you retain us.  In fact, we encourage our clients to call and email as much as they need, we understand this is a stressful for time for you.

With flat fee billing, you’ll never receive surprise bills for additional fees you did not expect or anticipate (unless you want us to handle an additional matter). And, you’ll have everything in writing from us, so you know we stand behind our word.

All cases require the payment of attorney’s fees, along with the refundable cost deposit, in full prior to any legal work being performed.

Typical flat fee attorney rates and cost deposits are as follows (unused cost deposits will be returned when your matter is concluded)

Marchman Acts: $10,500 plus $1000 for delivery of legal notice (Service of Process)

Baker Acts: $8000 plus $500 for delivery of legal notice (Service of Process)

Guardianships: $16,500 plus $1500 for filing fee and delivery of legal notice (Service of Process)

Firearm Disability/Risk Protection Order: Starting at $1,500 plus $500 for delivery of legal notice (Service of Process)

Other members of our team offer services such as clinical support, case management, interventions, and sober transport. Feel free to ask about those services and their cost during your consult with one of our attorneys.

We accept payment via credit card and wire transfer.

For more information or to schedule a consultation,
call (561) 419-6095 or email [email protected]