I was arrested for possession of opioid drugs. What happens next?

If you’ve just been arrested, chances are the officer is going to book you into the local county jail. Most of the drug offenses have a schedule bond so you’ll have the opportunity to post some type of bond. If you can’t post a bond for any reason, within 24 hours you must be brought before a judge, it’s called a first appearance, where some type of bond is almost certainly going to be set. Once that’s done and you’ve been released, if you posted a bond or if you’ve been released on your own recognizance, the case is then going to progress through the system. So the first thing that’s going to happen is the police officer is going to file his paperwork with the state attorney’s office. They’re going to review it to see what charges, if any, are appropriate. If charges are filed, then the case will begin to work its way through the court system and you’ll have the opportunity to make certain challenges and raise certain defenses to see if you can fight the case, get it dismissed, or work out some type of plea deal with the state attorney’s office.