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What to Expect From our Free Consultation Call

If you just got a DUI, and you don’t know what to expect next, let us give you a brief look into one of our standard FREE consultation calls.  If you recently got a DUI, don’t have legal representation yet, and you have questions as most people do, you should try speaking with our Drug and Alcohol Attorneys.  This free consultation call wont be all fact finding and standard legal guidance from our staff’s perspective, its often times more about you, and helping focus your lifestyle and personal choices during these tumultuous times.

“I advise the potential client of what we can do for him to get his life back on track.”  Said Mark Astor, Founder, Drug and Alcohol Attorneys. “Often times the legal help we can provide a client is very standard and straight forward, where we can have the largest impact, sometimes involves things outside of the law office and courtroom.”

On an initial phone call our Drug and Alcohol Attorneys often provide guidance on numerous lifestyle issues that must be addressed if a client is going to receive proper care and legal representation.

On your free DUI Consultation Call you can expect to discuss:

            1) An initial treatment provider

            2) An AA meeting provider

            3) After treatment counseling provider

            4) Exercise program/personal trainer

            5) After case is closed services such as expungement


            6) Access to other potential legal service providers.

The Drug and Alcohol Attorneys Blog always has the latest news and facts on legally defending your DUI, Professional License Dispute, Marchman Act Case, Drug Possession Arrest, Code of Conduct Defense, or Title IX Defense.  As practicing drug defense attorneys, and drug defense lawyers, we also believe it is important to continuously highlight Industry Leaders in treating substance abuse and addiction. If you have any questions, please call one of our attorneys at 561-419-6095, or visit us online at www.drugandalcohlattorneys.com.




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