How is an emergency temporary guardianship (ETG) appointment different than a determination of permanent guardianship?

The ETG, the Emergency Temporary Guardianship, is only granted on a temporary basis. Initially, it can be up for 90 days, and then it can be extended for a further 90 days. So you have a total of 180 days. What makes it different from the permanent guardianship is that, at the ETG hearing, there’s not going to be any presentation of expert testimony. It’s going to be the petitioner who files a petition, proves their case, and then the judge makes a determination based on the allegations and the testimony that’s presented by the petitioner. When it comes to a permanent guardianship, the court then requires that three experts make a determination and a recommendation to the court that in fact the respondent, the ward, isn’t capable of making decisions for themselves, and that that inability to make those decisions has continued past the initial period of determination for the temporary guardianship.