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Our legal professionals at Drug and Alcohol Attorneys understand the difficulty of dealing with a loved one who is unfit to care for themselves. In some cases, an Emergency Temporary Guardianship (ETG) is necessary to protect an individual at risk and ensure they get proper treatment.

A Guardianship allows a Petitioner to make health care decisions on the behalf of a Respondent. “Imminent danger that the physical or mental health or safety of the person will be seriously impaired or that the person’s property is in danger of being wasted, misappropriated, or lost unless immediate action is taken,” must be present in order for the court to assign Guardianship to a qualified person, including a parent or physician.

By petitioning the court for an ETG, HIPPA, and similar laws are circumvented, granting the appointed ETG full knowledge and responsibility of the respondent’s health and treatment plans.

Knowing the legal options you have as a concerned family member, friend, or loved one can help you make the right decision for your situation. Our Guardianship attorneys in Boca Raton are hereto guide you through legal proceedings, as well as present you with resources to help the person of concern with substance abuse disorders.

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