Guardianship Lawyer in Florida | How Does ETG Work?

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Where can I find a guardianship lawyer in Florida?

Emergency temporary guardianship, or ETG, is used in a situation where the person in question is unable to make their own healthcare decisions. This could be due to issues with alcohol or drugs or any other medical issue that could arise that would leave someone temporarily incapacitated. Let’s take a deeper look at how an ETG works and how a guardianship lawyer in Florida can help.

What is an Emergency Guardianship?

An emergency guardianship allows someone to make health care decisions on behalf of a person who is temporarily incapable of doing so. This happens when it has been determined that the person in question is not in a state to make their own decisions.

How Are They Created?

While in most cases emergency guardianships are created under the direction of the court systems, lawyers can also create it. In the case of the court system, an emergency guardianship is typically court ordered and handed down by a judge.

Who is a guardianship lawyer in Florida?

What Are the Requirements?

While some of the requirements can vary from state to state, some things are universal. Typically there needs to be some proof of either incapacitation, risk of harm, or proof of no other alternatives. A person can not just name themselves a guardian. They either have to be appointed by a lawyer, the court, or noted in a legal document.

Are You Looking for a Guardianship Lawyer in Florida?

At Drug and Alcohol Attorneys, we are a state-wide law firm with Emergency guardianship attorneys serving every county in Florida. If you or someone you know knows someone that you believe could benefit from a temporary guardianship, contact us immediately.

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