Estate Law Attorney | Important Questions that Your Estate Law Attorney Would Ask You

Facing our mortality is one of the most difficult things we must do in this life – which is why we’re sure you’ll agree that estate planning isn’t something that most of us would look forward to. In fact, it can be more painful than you might expect because you’ll be forced to decide who gets what after you die and make provisions for your care before you away. To make sure that your wishes are implemented, an estate law attorney will need to ask you the toughest questions you’ll ever have to answer. Take a look at this:

Who Will Raise the Child If Both Parents Die?

Did you know that most people wait until their kids are grown before they discuss estate planning? The reason isn’t anything much except that they couldn’t figure out whom to name as their children’s guardian. However, if, within a short period of time you still haven’t named a guardian, the court will do it for you based your children’s best interests.

Where Do You Want Your Estate to Go if You All Die in a Common Disaster?

Under normal circumstances, you’re certain that you’ll want your estate to go to your partner or spouse and your kids. However, you’ll also need to think about the possibility of everyone in your family dying in a common disaster which is the “God Forbid Clause” that we all need to address. Other people automatically decide to have their estate go to their parents, siblings or to a charity of their choice. Some people who are estranged from their families, friends, or have been too busy to commit to a charitable cause may need to sort out certain issues through therapy. where is a good estate law attorney?

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