A single mistake can alter your entire life. Driving under the influence is a serious matter that puts your life and others at risk. So, if you’ve been charged with DUI in Boca Raton, you need experience on your side.

At Drug and Alcohol Attorneys, we recognize that DUI is a big business in Florida that can result in you losing your driver’s license, paying hefty fines, being put on probation, and more. You have the right to a fair trial. And, with our experienced legal professionals, we have the resources to guide you through the complex legal system to get the best outcome. This includes access to substance abuse treatment facilities and experts, should you need it.

Don’t derail your dreams with a single mistake.
Have Drug and Alcohol Attorneys on your side.

Today’s Decisions are Tomorrow’s Realities

And the reality of a DUI charge in Boca Raton is that you are subject to Florida’s mandatory minimum sentencing. This means that, no matter the situation, you’re likely to get at least one year in jail and a $1000 fine.

Our attorneys understand the complexity of drugs and alcohol charges. For years, we’ve been taking on cases of Boca Raton, FL residents and providing them with legal counsel and resources to get the treatment they need.

Drug and Alcohol Attorneys will help you through everything from court to DUI school, loss of your job, community service requirements, and other possible scenarios. So, when you choose to contact us, you’re choosing a team dedicated to your future success.

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