Defense Lawyer Near Me | What is the Role of a Defense Lawyer?

If your only knowledge when it comes to lawyers is what you see on those court TV shows, you might think being a lawyer is easy. In reality, though, the role of a defense attorney goes way beyond just going to court. There are hundreds of hours of work that lawyers put in behind the scenes in order to do the best job possible. Let’s take a look at what the role is of a defense lawyer near me.

Assess the Case

After the initial consultation takes place and both sides agree to work with each other, a defense attorney will look over all the information that they have and begin to put a case together. They will interview any witnesses and gather all information available to get an idea of what is in front of them. From there, they can get an idea of what the ultimate result will be and build the case accordingly.

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Handle Pleas

It’s not uncommon for the prosecuting attorney to present a plea deal to the defense to keep the situation from going to court. Typically, this will involve the defendant pleading guilty to a lesser charge. This is done because it saves both parties the time and money of going to trial. A defense attorney will receive the plea deal and determine whether it is in the best interest of their client to accept it. A defense attorney might also present a counteroffer.

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