Drug and Alcohol Attorney Boca Raton | Top 3 Questions About Guardianship

If you have an adult loved one who’s no longer able to make sound decisions for himself or herself, then you’ll need to talk to a drug and alcohol attorney Boca Raton or read up on the top questions about guardianship. Check this out:

What is Guardianship?

Also known as conservatorship, guardianship is a legal proceeding that takes place in the circuit courts of Florida. Since the establishment of guardianship would mean that an individual’s considerable rights are to be removed from the person, guardianship should only be pursued if all other alternatives to guardianship are unavailable or ineffective.

What is a Guardian?

The Guardian refers to the person or an institution appointed by the courts to look after an incapacitated person or a “ward”, as well as the ward’s assets. When certain rights to the guardian are given through the guardianship order, those same rights will be taken away from the ward.

Who Can Be a Guardian?

Any resident of Florida who is an adult or a close relative of the ward who’s not residing in Florida can serve as a guardian. However, those who are incapable of fulfilling the duties of a guardian and those who have been convicted of a felony can’t be appointed. Furthermore, institutions such as a charitable corporation, a nonprofit religious organization, or a public guardian, can also act as a guardian.  A bank trust department can also act as a guardian of the ward’s property. where is a good drug and alcohol attorney Boca Raton?

Are You in Need of a Drug and Alcohol Attorney Boca Raton?

If you’re dealing with an adult loved one who refuses to get treatment for alcohol and substance abuse, you’ll need a Drug and Alcohol Attorney Boca Raton to give you sound legal advice. Contact the Drug & Alcohol Attorneys today to schedule a consultation.

Guardianship Lawyer in Florida | Things to Know About Guardianship

Did you know that 2 in 5 cases each year involve guardianship? Legal guardians assume the responsibility of another individual with support and care who can’t provide for themselves. Keep reading for more information about your guardianship lawyer in Florida!      

What is Guardianship?

In the first place, a legal guardian is a sole provider for another individual. The individual can either be a child or an incompetent adult. Moreover, a guardian may be appointed to another individual for many reasons including: Plus, a guardian can be appointed to another adult who is mentally or legally disabled who are unfit to take care of themselves.        

Legal Guardian Responsibilities

Furthermore, legal guardians are responsible for basic child necessities. This includes: Adding on, guardians of incompetent adults care for the estate of an incapacitated adult. Guardians must take care of their well-being and exercise proper care.     where can i find the best guardianship lawyer in florida near me?

Do You Need a Guardianship Lawyer in Florida?

All in all, we know the importance of guardianship for children and adults. That’s why we’re your top legal experts! A guardian should make sure they can provide a safe and nurturing environment. It is our top priority to give you great legal counsel. Contact us today to learn more!