Estate Law Attorney | Important Questions that Your Estate Law Attorney Would Ask You

Facing our mortality is one of the most difficult things we must do in this life – which is why we’re sure you’ll agree that estate planning isn’t something that most of us would look forward to. In fact, it can be more painful than you might expect because you’ll be forced to decide who gets what after you die and make provisions for your care before you away. To make sure that your wishes are implemented, an estate law attorney will need to ask you the toughest questions you’ll ever have to answer. Take a look at this:

Who Will Raise the Child If Both Parents Die?

Did you know that most people wait until their kids are grown before they discuss estate planning? The reason isn’t anything much except that they couldn’t figure out whom to name as their children’s guardian. However, if, within a short period of time you still haven’t named a guardian, the court will do it for you based your children’s best interests.

Where Do You Want Your Estate to Go if You All Die in a Common Disaster?

Under normal circumstances, you’re certain that you’ll want your estate to go to your partner or spouse and your kids. However, you’ll also need to think about the possibility of everyone in your family dying in a common disaster which is the “God Forbid Clause” that we all need to address. Other people automatically decide to have their estate go to their parents, siblings or to a charity of their choice. Some people who are estranged from their families, friends, or have been too busy to commit to a charitable cause may need to sort out certain issues through therapy. where is a good estate law attorney?

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Lawyer Boca Raton FL | When Do You Need a Lawyer?

Do you want to recognize certain situations that may require you to get a lawyer Boca Raton to handle your defense? A slew of legal matters (that may or may not require for you to have legal representation) exists between a traffic ticket and an armed robbery. Check out these instances in which a lawyer Boca Raton FL is needed to give you legal advice.

Wills and Trusts

Do your loved ones a favor by setting up your will or trust with a good lawyer. Doing so will save them from ugly disputes and legal issues after your death. Ideally, you should set everything in order as soon as you have a kid. As your circumstances change throughout your life, you can change it periodically.

Criminal Charges

If you’re faced with criminal charges, you must have a lawyer by your side as soon as you can to ensure the protection of your rights whether you’re guilty or otherwise. 

Car Accident

If you got involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault and you’ve been injured, never talk to the other driver’s insurance company representative until you’ve consulted a personal injury lawyer. Attorneys are familiar with the laws and normal compensation rates.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

A DUI is a serious charge that has equally serious consequences including jail time, fines or loss or your license. If this is your first offense, you can get the charges reduced with the help of a lawyer. Nobody on a DUI charge should go to court without an attorney. where is the best lawyer boca raton?

Do You Need a Lawyer Boca Raton FL?

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Marchman Act Lawyer Florida | Available Treatment Options with Marchman Act

Has the court recently ordered your loved one to treatment through the Florida Marchman Act? If you haven’t had the chance to talk to your Marchman Act lawyer Florida about the treatment options that are made available to him or her, check this out.

What are the Available Treatment Options?

You can choose to have the treatment paid for privately or you can pay for it through a personal health insurance plan. Needless to say, private treatment offers more perks than the other option. However, if neither you nor the Respondent has the ability to pay for private treatment, payments may be supported by indigent programs that are funded by the state or county. The downside to the government-funded treatment is that the Marchman Act process could suffer delay since a shortage of available beds are highly likely. In other words, your loved one may be placed in a waiting list for residential treatment or a bed for detox.

How Your Marchman Act Lawyer Can Help You

While waiting for an available bed, your Marchman Act lawyer Florida will enforce compliance by your loved one of the government program’s rules that include sobriety. Any delay in the provision of immediate treatment has a significant impact on your loved one’s chance for immediate success.

Seeking Help

To avoid these potential delays, your Marchman Act lawyer Florida will come up with an alternative treatment option. He’ll work with a large network of private treatment facilities that can offer discounted rates and affordable payment plans for your loved one’s accommodation. Your loved one will be assessed and evaluated to determine the modality of treatment that’s appropriate for him or her. After considering your clinical and financial situation, he makes recommendations for treatment and presents them to you, your loved one, and the court. where is a good marchman act lawyer florida?

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Defense Lawyer Near Me | Why Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you’re charged with a crime or facing serious penalties – don’t panic. In a court of law, you’re still presumed innocent until you’re proven guilty. The prosecuting attorney will do everything in his power to prove the elements of the crime charged without a reasonable doubt. At this point, the smartest decision you can make is to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me. It’s his job to determine the factors and arguments that can be used to remove the charges pressed against you pertaining to the alleged crime.

Why Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

  • You want to keep your record clean
You probably know that a criminal record will haunt you for the rest of your life. It’s almost impossible to erase a criminal record that’s why it’s extremely important to prioritize prevention. Did you know that even if your case was dismissed or acquitted, you’d still have it on your record? Whether you win or you lose a case, a Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me will still look for a way to keep anything pertaining to the case off your record. Do you have a reputation to hold up? If so, you’ll need all the help you can get to clear your name. 
  • You’d want to steer clear from employment problems
A criminal record can cause you to get fired from your present job. If by some miracle, you were able to keep the job, it can still become an obstacle when you seek a job promotion or career licensing. Aside from this, you’ll find it difficult to get contracts if you’re self-employed. Furthermore, your future job applications will be penalized as well since signing an application form for an employment agreement will subject you to a criminal background check. 
  • You’d want to build your case
If you hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me, he’ll find the needed evidence to help your case. For example, he can talk to witnesses and make them feel secure enough to be open to talk about your case. where is a great defense lawyer near me?

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Marchman Act Lawyer Florida | How to Get a Loved One into Rehab for Substance Abuse

Nothing’s more painful than watching a loved one struggle with substance abuse especially when they’re not willing to admit that they have a problem. When a person struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, his relationships with family and friends suffer. Your desire to help them get professional treatment may be met with hostility. Here’s a list of what you can do before you get the chance to consult a Marchman Act Lawyer Florida.

Know the Signs of Addiction

You’ll need to recognize the signs of alcohol or drug addiction. These range from marked changes in their behavior that lead to problems at home, deteriorating progress in school or issues at work. In most cases, the breaking point comes when the affected person starts to act recklessly and becomes a threat to themselves and to the people around him. The moment you see them put themselves into risky situations, it’s high time that you take a step back to evaluate the whole picture.

Look for Treatment Options

It’s important to remember that recovery isn’t the same for everyone that’s why you’ll need to research treatment options that would best work for your loved one before making a decision. You’ll need to visit treatment centers yourself to check the facilities and their upfront rates as well as to talk to the staff to get a general idea about their range of treatment and aftercare options.

Plan an Intervention

You can choose to hire a professional interventionist who has the experience and the expertise to get your loved one into rehab. A session with an interventionist is an opportunity for the addict to recognize and acknowledge how their behavior affects the people around them while ensuring him that he is loved and supported. Where is the best marchman act lawyer florida?

When to Consult a Marchman Act Lawyer Florida

If all else fails, and your loved one still refuses to get help, you’ll need to talk to a Marchman Act Lawyer Florida to help you get through the grueling process of sending the affected person to a rehab facility against his will. In case you’re not aware, Florida’s Substance Abuse Impairment Act commonly known as the Marchman Act permits an individual to be admitted for treatment for drug or alcohol abuse without the person’s consent. To know more about this, contact Drug and Alcohol Attorneys today.

Defense Lawyer Near Me | Top 4 Skills of a Good Defense Lawyer

Every Defense Lawyer Near Me upholds the constitutional right of all sorts of criminals ranging from drug dealers to mass murderers, to a fair trial no matter how heinous the crime. He stands by his clients who are accused of everything from minor to major offenses and mounts the most effective defense on their behalf. His skills and attributes enable him to fill that role. Check out the top four skills of a good Defense Lawyer.

Research Skills

The ability to quickly and effectively understand the client’s needs to prepare effective legal strategies will not be made possible without the defense attorney’s ability to conduct research. His research work includes combing through the details of his client’s alleged crime, the circumstances that the police may have overlooked, and other cases with a bearing on his. He has to comprehend and absorb these large amounts of information before he distills them down into something useful.

Negotiating Skills

When legal cases are settled out of court, a good Defense Lawyer Near Me must know how to make the best possible deal for his client when agreements are being negotiated with prosecutors and taken to the judge for approval.

Analytical Skills

These skills are necessary when choosing the most suitable precedent or conclusion that’s applicable to resolving a particular case. Therefore, a good Defense Lawyer must be able to make quick judgments while making arguments to the jury.

Communication Skills 

Having outstanding communication skills in and out of the courtroom is very important. Great lawyers are good listeners and excellent speakers with writing skills that are of the highest caliber. Where is a good defense lawyer near me?

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It’s the responsibility of the Defense Lawyer Near Me to enforce the rights of even the worst kinds of people. If you’re looking for exemplary legal services, you don’t have to look further than Drug and Alcohol Attorneys. Schedule a consultation today.

One of the tools to help a family gain control over substance abuse and mental health disorders

I am an Attorney in the Law Firm Drug and Alcohol Attorneys in Boca Raton, Florida; our firm specializes in helping families in crisis because of substance abuse and or mental health disorder. Deaths from substance abuse has reached epidemic proportions. Deaths from mental health disorders are also increasing and we only have to look in our own backyard for a school shooting. My partner Mark Astor uses the Marchman Act a legal process by which someone can be involuntarily committed for substance abuse. I use the Guardianship statute as a legal means to get someone into treatment and to be medication compliant for a mental health disorder.

It is not uncommon for either one of us to get a call in the late evening or on the weekends from a crying mother or father because they have no-where else to turn and their son or daughter is out of control. Their child is self-medicating with street drugs instead of taking their prescribed medication to treat their mental health disorder; or their child is refusing to go to treatment and had to be Baker Acted for the fifth time. These situations not only affect the person with the mental health disorder but the entire family causing disruption, chaos, and guilt.

The Guardianship statute in Florida found in Chapter 744 provides a framework for which the court will allow another person to step into the shoes of this incapacitated individual and start making decisions for him or her. More often than not, the use of the Guardianship statute starts because of an emergency situation, the alleged incapacitated individual has threatened suicide, has left Against Medical Advice from a hospitalization or treatment facility, or the individual is not eating, sleeping, bathing or has spent his or her last penny on an abusive partner. A petition for Emergency Temporary Guardianship establishes that without a Temporary Guardian being appointed the individual or “alleged incapacitated person” will be in imminent danger to his person and or property. A hearing on this Petition, depending on the county of filing, will usually occur within 48 to 72 and relief granted.

The Baker Act, a Florida involuntarily commitment statute, can often be used when someone is an immediate threat to himself or herself, but this often will not hold someone for more than 72 hours and usually the individual is released to often re-appear in the same facility a week later in the same situation. The Baker Act does not serve as a longer term means of getting someone into an inpatient long-term treatment program for a more comprehensive treatment.

The Emergency Temporary Guardianship and ultimately Permanent Guardianship, allows a family member usually the mother or father to be granted authority to consent to their son or daughter going into in-patient treatment. An Emergency Temporary Guardianship is good for up to 90 days and can be renewed for an additional 90 days. Increasingly, I have been asked by the Guardian to request an Order be granted by the Court giving the Guardian not only the authority to consent to treatment for their son or daughter but also the authority to allow them to consent to medication by injection for monthly relief so daily oral medication is not needed. Since an injection is forced upon the body a court order is usually needed before the doctor or nurse administering the prescribed medication will administer against the wishes of the alleged incapacitated person.

While no one can guarantee the outcome of any situation when it comes to mental health our firm uses the legal process to give control in an out of control situation. I have often found that eventually the individual suffering from a mental health disorder is further harmed by being continuously subject to being Baker Acted which usually requires the police taking them to a hospital. Guardianship offers a family control over their loved so that he or she can participate in long-term treatment so that he or she can learn to live with their mental health disorder and lead a healthy and productive life. If you want more information regarding Guardianship or the Marchman Act please check out or website at: or call our office at 561-419-6095.

Written by Audra Simovitch, Esq.
Drug and Alcohol Attorneys
January 23, 2019

Boca Raton Marchman Act Lawyer | Frequently Asked Marchman Act Questions

When it comes to the Marchman Act, it helps to have a Boca Raton Marchman Act lawyer. The process is can be very intimidating and stressful. Knowing what you need to know about the Marchman Act could be the difference in your loved one getting the help they need or not.

What Does the Marchman Act Do?

The Marchman Act is specific to the state of Florida and is an effective tool to save the lives of people who are a danger to themselves and others. If someone is deemed that sort of threat and the Marchman Act is filed, that person is then involuntarily sent to a rehab facility for up to 90 days. They are compelled to stay at the facility and be a good patient because if not, they can be held in contempt.

Is the Marchman Act Actually Effective?

Yes, the Marchman Act is very effective and truly does save lives. Often times, these are people that cannot care for themselves or help themselves when it comes to substance abuse. Most of the time, mental illness is also a factor in someone not seeking the help they need. Under the Matchman Act, these people can seek the care and counseling they need. More often than not, getting people out of their environment and breaking the cycle of addiction is enough to get them on the right path.

Who is Eligible for the Marchman Act?

The Marchman Act can only be used on those that are proven to be an immediate danger to themselves or others. A family member, loved one, or close friend files the Act with a judge and then the person is observed for up to five days. If they are deemed a threat after that, they are involuntarily put into rehab. Who is the best Boca Raton Marchman Act lawyer?

Looking for a Boca Raton Marchman Act Lawyer?

Have you been looking for a Boca Raton Marchman Act lawyer or more information about the Marchman Act? If so, contact us today. The Drug & Alcohol Attorneys are here to help you get the care your loved ones need.

Addiction Lawyer Boca Raton | Is the Opioid Crisis, at Least in Part, Man Made?

Every day we speak to families in crisis because a loved one, usually their child (18-30 years old) has a raging substance abuse problem and co-occurring mental health disorder. One startling fact we’ve noticed is that in nearly every case the child has been prescribed medication for ADHD, usually Ritalin or Adderall, in addition to medication for anxiety or depression, such Xanax. It seems that once a medication has been prescribed, and there is an endless list of them because not one size fits all and their effectiveness appears to dissipate over time, the slippery slope of addiction and substance abuse becomes much more prevalent.

It appears that genetics also play a part in the likelihood of a substance abuse disorder developing in an individual who also has ADHD. People with ADHD tend to be more impulsive and likely to have behavioral problems, both of which can contribute to drug and alcohol abuse. Also, both ADHD and alcoholism tend to run in families. A child with ADHD who has a parent with alcoholism is more likely to also develop an alcohol abuse problem than one without.

Statistics suggest that our experience may not be unusual. The number of children prescribed medication for ADHD soured from 600,000 in 1990 to 3.5 million by 2013, and that number continues to climb. Moreover, it seems that the increase in the number of prescriptions written by doctors has coincided with four (4) factors: 1) drug company marketing which has expanded the definition of ADHD to include things such as carelessness and impatience; 2) drug companies overstating the benefit of the medications; 3) a twenty (20) year campaign by the drug companies to publicize the syndrome and promote the pills to doctors, educators and parents; and 4) false and misleading advertising by the drug companies as to the true benefits and dangers of their drugs.

Studies have shown a strong connection between ADHD, alcoholism and drug abuse. Moreover, ADHD is five (5) to ten (10) times more common among adult alcoholics than it is in people without ADHD. It is also more common for children with ADHD to start abusing alcohol during their teenage years. In one study, 14% of children ages 15-17 with ADHD had problems with alcohol abuse or dependence as adults, compared to children without ADHD. Another study found that at a mean age of 14.9 years, 40% of children with ADHD began using alcohol, compared to 22% of children without ADHD.

According to Dr. Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the brain’s likelihood of becoming addicted to a drug is related to how a drug increases levels of the naturally-occurring neurotransmitter dopamine, which modulates the brain’s ability to perceive reward reinforcement. The pleasure sensation the brain gets when dopamine levels are elevated creates the motivation for individuals to perform actions that are indispensable to our survival (like eating or procreation). Dopamine is what conditions us to do the things we need to do. The reason that dopamine-producing drugs are so addictive is that they have the ability to constantly fill a need for more dopamine. “A person may take a hit of cocaine, snort it, it increases dopamine, takes a second, it increases dopamine, third, fourth, fifth, sixth. So there’s never that decrease that ultimately leads to the satiety,” she says. This is why individuals dealing with addiction often relapse or have to go through treatment multiple times. Based on what I have observed, to some individuals, the need for a “high” is as strong as the need to breathe.

Where is a good addiction lawyer boca raton?

While every client’s case is different, the common thread is the diagnosis of ADHD and the use of medication which nearly always seems to make matters worse. One client, who was facing the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence, had been misdiagnosed and mistreated for his condition for close to twenty (20) years, beginning when he was ten (10) years old.  He testified at his sentencing hearing that after he was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety, as he got older and his need for a “high” increased, he progressed from abusing the medications to abusing cocaine, heroin, caffeine, and basically anything that would make him “feel better”.

There are a limited number of treatment centers that are really great at dealing with the dual diagnosis patient regardless of whether the client is in criminal or Marchman Court. To observe a client who has been stabilized and is in recovery is a thing to behold, it’s like saying goodbye to Mr. Hyde and hello to Dr. Jekyll. Parents often tell us that they finally have their child back after countless years of despair.

We are proud to work with an incredible team of professionals who are ready, willing and able to help with these issues. We do not charge for a consultation or for access to my resources. So, if you know a family in crisis encourage them to reach out for help.

Lawyer Boca Raton FL | The Private Sector isn’t the Problem in the Opioid Crisis, but it May be the Solution

Palm Beach County is the drug treatment capital of America, if not the world.  For the past several months there have been daily reports of deaths and overdoses. Some argue that the threat posed by terrorism pales in comparison to the threat posed by the opioid crisis.

That being said, former Florida Governor Rick Scott, has recently declared a State of Emergency, reportedly giving the State access to $27 million in Federal funds. Some have argued that we should use the money to make more “county” beds available to treat addicts, perhaps we should consider re-opening facilities such as the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Drug Farm.  While county facilities should be granted access to the funds, I submit that the private sector, despite arrests for insurance fraud and patient brokering, is the solution, there are beds available immediately, and the will and knowledge to treat patients.

When it comes to the private sector successfully working in partnership with Government to solve a community issue, look no further than the pre-school industry.  For close to twenty (20) years my parents successfully owned and operated a chain of pre-schools, all regulated and licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCF), which also regulates and licenses drug treatment facilities in Florida.  My parents were responsible for educating thousands of children in Palm Beach County, but after the crash of 2008, they almost lost everything, many families finding themselves unable to afford pre-school. The business was saved when the State and County stepped in and subsidized tuition so children could go to school, their families paying the remaining balance based on income.  While tuition payments were always one (1) month in arrears, they were always paid.

It takes seven (7) to ten (10) days to detox an individual who is addicted to drugs and alcohol before treatment can begin.  Even when insurance coverage is available to pay for treatment, many treatment centers complain that insurance will only pay for thirty (30) days of treatment, hardly enough to cure someone who’s been addicted to drugs and alcohol for many years, and who may also have a co-occurring mental health disorder.  What happens when there is no insurance coverage or cash pay available?

Treatment must be available to everyone, regardless of insurance and financial status, this is my plan to accomplish this goal:  First, the emergency funds need to be made available to private “for profit” treatment centers. A list needs to be compiled of all treatment centers which would be good candidates to accept government subsidized patients.  Centers with significant disciplinary issues, or where there has been insurance fraud, may not be good candidates.

Second, of the eligible centers, a list needs to be compiled of those that will accept patients at a reduced payment rate, knowing that payment is guaranteed (which is better than having to fight with an insurance company and still having to take less money), should be an incentive.

Third, where there is insurance coverage, we need to know how much the carrier is willing to pay to make up the difference between the subsidy and what the treatment center will accept as payment.  Where there is no insurance coverage or cash pay funds available, treatment centers can choose to accept the subsidy as the sole source of payment or not take the patient.

Fourth, before an addict dies or ends up in the criminal justice system, we need to educate the public about the Marchman Act and why individuals need to be “leveraged” into treatment.  When appropriate, tax Dollars already compensate the Office of Regional Counsel to represent Respondents in Marchman Act proceedings.  Petitioners need the same access to legal representation and where they qualify, access to free legal counsel that is compensated for their time from the emergency funds.

Fifth, Marchman Act hearings need to be conducted on a more frequent basis, once a week, as is the norm in many counties, is insufficient. There are many lawyers ready, willing and able to serve as Magistrates and/or retired Judges who could review and hear Marchman Act petitions.  Let’s use the emergency funds to compensate these professionals.

Finally, we need to make sure that treatment Dollars go further, buying more time in treatment.  You can’t train for a marathon in thirty (30) days, likewise, you can’t cure addiction in thirty (30) days either. Our clients tell us that anything less than sixty (60) days is a waste, ninety (90) is preferable, one hundred and eight (180) is great, after which time they can step down the rate and intensity of treatment.

Where is a good lawyer boca raton fl?

This is just one of many ways that the opioid crisis must be addressed. However, we must remember that this battle is more akin to a marathon than a sprint, it will take time and a massive community effort.

For access to FREE resources or a FREE consultation, I can be contacted at (561) 419-6095 or via email: [email protected]