Boca Raton DUI Lawyer | What to Ask A DUI Lawyer

No matter what the cause was, driving under the influence charges are viewed as serious offenses in the court system. Depending on the extent of the DUI arrest, anything from a loss of a driver’s license to serving time in jail can be a punishment handed down. That’s why it is so important to not just get yourself a DUI lawyer, but a good one. If you are looking for a Boca Raton DUI lawyer, here are some things you should be asking.

Ask Them About Their Background

When entrusting someone to help you avoid something like jail time, it is important that they are experienced in your case. So, ask them about their background. Do they have a lot of experience with DUI cases? Have they been successful? Are they familiar with the prosecuting attorneys in your area? These are all important things to know.

What is a boca raton dui lawyer?

Ask Them About the Fees They Charge

Getting a DUI is expensive. You see it referenced in ads and they aren’t lying. There’s the lawyer’s fees, the court costs, possible bail, and even the cost of getting your car out of the impound lot. It’s important to get an idea of what kinds of fees your lawyer will charge you. While most lawyers will offer a confidential consultation, it is important during that time to get a clear idea of how much they will be charging you should you use them.

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