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Additional Services

Probate Estate PLanning

In addition to providing our clients with legal representation the team at Drug and Alcohol Attorneys offer additional services that area designed to make life for families who are in crisis just a little easier.  Our team of professionals can assist you with some of the following services:


Interventions are one of the most effective ways of helping a loved one come to terms with a destructive habit while making them feel loved and helping them to seek treatment.  An intervention is a process that takes time to coordinate properly but can be highly effective.  Our team will help this process to go as smoothly as possible.

Comprehensive Assessment

Because mental health and addiction present themselves differently between people, our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment.  The assessment will gather as much information as possible regarding the specific needs of each individual and family. Based on this information, our team can more accurately recommend certain actions and develop a tailored plan.

Treatment Recommendations

After a comprehensive assessment has been completed, our team will use that information to make recommendations on different types of treatments.  Each individual has different care needs and will need a specific approach to recovery.  Our team takes pride in working closely with patients to choose the best treatment options for them.

Case Management

Case management is one of the most important operations of our team. This provides our clients with legal oversight, education, and advocacy in a way that caters to the needs of the individual and their family.  Case managers are here to provide an additional layer of guidance in supporting your through legal and recovery processes.

Sober Transportation

Our team also provides sober transportation to drive or fly with clients to the destination where they are needed. We offer this service to ensure that clients don’t miss deadlines and arrive safely.

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