Sky Capital’s Ross Mandell Files Lawsuit, Seeks Information That Could Free Him

Now in his fourth year of a 12-year federal prison term, Ross Mandell, former CEO of Sky Capital, is seeking information that could get him released from federal prison. Mandell filed a lawsuit today in the Southern District of Florida (he is incarcerated at the Miami Federal Prison Camp) against

Family friend , lawyer in fight over school shooter Nikolas Cruz’s inheritance

Battle erupts over Parkland school killer’s inheritance A court squabble has erupted over the handling of Nikolas Cruz’s inheritance from his late mother — a fight that could determine whether the school shooter is entitled to free representation from the public defender or must hire a private lawyer. Boca Raton

Silence of the Lawyers – The Defense of Ross Mandell

Imagine you were a businessman whose company operated in New York and London, and whose stock traded on the AIM, the London Stock Exchange’s venture market.  One day in 2006, your New York offices are raided by the FBI.  Though no arrests or indictments are immediately forthcoming, you’re extremely concerned,