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kprheadshot2006Certified Intervention Professional
Board Registered Interventionist Level II
Certified ARISE Interventionist
Florida Board of Certification
Certified Prevention Specialist (#599A)
Certified Mental Health Professional (#51071)
Certified Court/Jail Assessment Provider – Broward County, FL

Founder and President of The Circle of Care Consultants, Inc., Karen has been working professionally in the behavioral healthcare industry since 1999. Karen is committed to nurturing relationships and experiences that foster respect, trust and empowerment. Karen has extensive experience in the treatment industry ranging from interventions and assessments, to discharge and aftercare planning, as well as, specialized case management. She is well known for her ability to connect “the right people, to the right resources”.

Karen works with adults, adolescents and families throughout the healing process providing a full spectrum of services including private professional intervention and case management services to ensure that individuals struggling with issues stemming from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction, Depression, Co-occurring or Dual Diagnosed Disorders, Other Addictive Disorders, Bipolar and Other Brain Disorders, Dissociative Disorders, Personality Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Gambling Addiction, Sex/Love Addiction, Eating Disorders, Domestic Violence Victims of Sexual, Physical and/or Emotional Abuse, get to the best resources for their individualized needs.

Karen also worked closely with the Court System in Broward County, Florida, for more than 10 years assisting individuals in need, access the appropriate treatment services, to lower recidivism and help start the personal healing process. She provides Court Approved In-Custody Assessments, Forensic Witness Testimony and Client Advocacy for Drug and Mental Health Courts, Criminal and Family Courts. Karen is available for private consultation regarding Alternative Sentencing Options, Baker Act & Marchman Act filing for those who are in need. Karen also works as a private consultant in the industry, working with professionals and private organizations to grow their business and ROI.

In addition to founding The Circle of Care Consultants, Inc., Karen, well known in the field as an expert in maximizing professional growth and network development, also founded, and leads a Professional Behavioral Healthcare Networking Group in South Florida, the Inner Circle Network©, that attracts over 250+ behavioral healthcare professionals quarterly to their meetings. Karen is well respected by her peers for her integrity, professionalism and ethical belief that all people need an advocate to help them when they are at a low point in life. In Karen’s own words, “We cannot loose sight of our mission, and that is to bring the best clinical services, to the broadest spectrum of consumers available,worldwide.”

Karen was born in Riverdale, New York and raised in Northern New Jersey. Her family is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and she is fluent is both English and Spanish. Karen was recently honored by the National Association of Professional Women, and sits on several Industry Boards, including the Network of Independent Interventionists and The South Florida Society of Trauma Based Disorders. She loves animals, music/movies/television, snorkeling, boating and reading. In her spare time Karen volunteers with both the Humane Society of Palm Beach and Broward County and gets involved in fundraising for good causes whenever she can.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation, contact us at (561) 419-6095 or by email at

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I had a difficult situation in my life this month that required me to have good legal representation to avoid a possibly very negative and long term outcome should the Judge rule against me. Unfortunately, I did have an attorney who was representing me on this and another matter. I felt that the representation was so substandard that I had to let that attorney go. Fortunately an attorney taking care of a different matter recommended Mark Astor to me as “THE” Attorney that I wanted to hire. What a difference! The moment we met in the office, from the firm handshake to the crisp and thorough questioning about my case, I know I had the “Right” Attorney. We spoke for several hours going over the pertinent information and preparing me for what may be asked of me if I had to take the stand.When we walked into that court room at 8:00 AM, I finally was confident. I was prepared and I knew Mark was prepared, he called me at 8:00 PM at home to clarify a point for the morning hearing. As it turned out, Mark was so deft and skillful in handling everything thrown at us by the other party and the judge that I never had to testify saving the possibility of complications. I was extremely happy with the outcome. When we first met he said, “I am the man for the job and I know what I am doing”. He proved himself without a shadow of doubt. Mark was worth every dime of his fee, which was not unreasonable. As it turned out, I knew his father from some 30 years ago and I knew he came from the lineage a a well respected man and friend. If you hire Mark, I know you will be well served as I was.


In June of 2016, the lawyers at represented me at a hearing in Orlando (by phone) in a case where I was seeking eligibility to obtain a real estate license in the State of Florida. To be approved for a license in this profession, you must be fingerprinted and background checked. When prior convictions of drug charges came up on my background check, I was asked to appear at a hearing in Orlando in front of the Board of The Department of Business and Professional Regulations. Thanks to my Attorney, I won my case by a unanimous decision. This is not an easy task. They are amazing, and my attorney was thorough, detailed, and extremely professional. He won over the entire Board before I even spoke for myself. After the hearing, 2 people asked me privately for his number. I can honestly say that my Attorney was completely understanding and compassionate towards my situation and others who have made mistakes or have gone through a bad time in their life. He told me that the firm believes everyone deserves a second chance, and that fair representation should be available to all. I would wholeheartedly recommend the lawyers from this website to anyone who has drug or alcohol related charges and is looking for representation. They will truly fight for you.

Laurie S. Boca