5 Steps to Manifesting Your Desire

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We found the below article to be enlightening and might apply to others trying to change their life’s direction!

5 Steps to Manifesting Your Desire

by Shari B. Kaplan

‘Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. ‘ Victor Hugo Do you have a burning desire for something important or meaningful? Are you ready to have a healthy and fit body? Have you invented a new product? Do you have an idea for providing a service that will improve people’s lives or affect change in the world? Perhaps your desire is to take a vacation, meet the man/woman of your dreams, or improve the relationship you have with friends, a spouse, children, or business partner. Whatever your desire may be, you are going to need a strategy to make it your reality.

Here are 5 Steps to Manifesting Your Desire:

1. Be Specific.
What is my desire? Whether you are picking a career, a life partner, a healthy and fit body, or improving your relationships, you need to be clear about what you want and what you are hoping to feel once you have it. It is not enough to say I want a job that I love in marketing. You need to be specific. Marketing what? What type of people do you want to work with? How many hours a day do you want to work? Do you want to travel? And so on. The next important question to ask yourself is how do you want to feel when you are finally doing your dream job in marketing? Yes, ‘what do I want to feel about myself?’ Perhaps it is ‘I am creative,’ ‘I am successful,’ ‘I am confident,’ ‘I am important,’ ‘I am significant, ‘I am valuable,’ ‘I am wanted,’ ‘I am appreciated, ‘I am respected, ‘I am grateful, ‘I want to make lots of money and feel financially abundant’ and so on. Let’s look at picking a partner. Whether in business or in life, there is not much of a difference in the process. I want to be in a loyal, committed relationship where honesty, trust, and mutual effort are the cornerstones of the relationship. I want to feel confident and safe, supported and backed up, I want to feel kind, loving, and generous. I want to feel important, significant, and valuable. I want to feel that my partner inspires me to be the best person I can be. You need to be specific about what you want and how you want to feel when you have it.

2. Get It In Your Mind’s Eye
Now envision your life doing this career, having this partner, or whatever your desire is. Can you envision what your life looks like if the desire is to manifest and what it would feel like? What do you have to give up to have this? Are all the things you listed in step 1 what you want to feel when you have what you desire? Do you still desire that thing, person, or situation you chose? If not, start again and rework what it is that you really want. Then follow the questions through to this point. When the desire you choose feels good as you envision playing it out in reality, then you are ready for the next step (“Using Mental Imagery to Enhance Intrinsic Motivation.” Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 17(1),5469).

3. Creating a Plan
You wouldn’t bake without a recipe (unless you are my grandmother) or drive cross country without a map. Similarly, you mustn’t try manifesting your desire without a plan. So what is included in this plan? Intention, goals, and an action plan to execute daily (this is your process). You already know your intention from step one. Now it is time to set goals. I want to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks. That one is easy to plan for. You pick a fitness routine and decide how many days a week you will execute it. You would also pick a nutrition plan that fits your needs. You will need groceries to match your nutritional needs and food planning time to prepare meals, juices, snacks on the go, etc. How often does this need to occur in a day, week, etc.? The next step will be discussed below which will put these goals into a process. Before we get to the process, let’s look at a few more examples of setting goals, such as picking a marketing job. You need specific goals to set that will accomplish your ultimate goal of having your dream marketing job. How much time in a day do you want to devote to looking for a marketing job? How many days a week will be spent researching companies, researching job listings and sites? Will you plan to go to headhunters and have them do some of the leg work? How much time will you need? Do you need to work on your resume? How much time will that take? How many days will you need? What about picking a partner or business partner? How will you go about doing this? Do you go to networking events in your business field? Do you go to the local chamber of commerce and/or their meetings? Do you search businesses online? Use headhunters? Make calls asking friends and others for recommendations? How much time a day do you want to devote to this? How many coffee meetings, lunches, or dinners do you want to have per week? If it is a life partner, how do you want to go about actively meeting him/her? Do you go on dating sites? Attend networking events? Go out with friends and hope to meet someone through a contact? How many days or nights a week do you want to set aside to do this? How many coffee meetings, lunches, or dinners do you want to plan to set aside for meeting a potential partner? Making your choices and building time in your day and week to invest in those decisions will help to create order in manifesting your desire.

4. The Process

This is where the plan goes into motion. What comes first, what comes second, and what comes third. It is time to open up your calendar and put the pedal to the metal. Regardless of the ultimate goal that you are desiring to manifest, your next step is to open up your calendar and take all the goals/tasks you wrote in step 3 and give them a time slot. Monday through Friday, and Saturday and Sunday. Make sure you plan what time of day and for how long you will work on that task. If it is your goal to be healthy and fit and lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks and you decided to workout 5 days a week for 30 min, you need to plug those 30 min into your calendar on a specific day at a specific time. Don’t forget to include travel time and rinseoff time, if need be. Do the same for food shopping, prepping, and planning. Put it in your calendar in specific days and time. Add extra minutes for packing food or snacks for your day if you are going to be out of the house all day. If it is searching for your new job or business partner, plug your strategy goal into specific days and times, and so on with all the other ultimate goals/desires.

5. Inspiration and Perseverance

Wow, this manifesting takes commitment and planning! No wonder so many people would rather go with the flow than commit to manifesting their desire. Manifesting your desire, once you have a plan and a process, then needs to be fueled with ongoing mojo so it can go the distance. You need lots of passion, inspiration, and perseverance to stay on track and see it through. You need to be able to be your own coach and best friend. Talking to yourself in a loving yet firm tone will help keep you in line with your plan when you want to stray from the work, take the day off, or just don’t wanna do it! This journey of manifesting needs as much inspiration as it does perspiration. So where is all this inspiration going to come from? Let’s take a look at a few choices. Some people find inspiring quotes that start their day on a positive note. With the internet so accessible, you can sign up for any number of daily inspirational messages. You can pick selfdevelopment and inspiring books and read a page every day as a form of motivation. You can go to YouTube and watch a 36 min video of some of the top motivational speakers in the world. A personal favorite form of inspiration and manifestation is meditation! It may sound difficult, but you might be surprised at how easy it can be. There are many types of meditation audio recordings that can guide you through a simple 510 min meditation. Meditation connects the body and mind to the creative life source. The latest science shows that meditation instantly activates areas of the brain that help us make changes in our daily lives. A 510 minute meditation audio can add the zipadeedoodah you need to fulfill your daily plan towards manifesting your desire! There is nothing magical about manifesting your desires. It simply takes effort, planning, process, and inspiration! Enjoy! Build the life you want to live.

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