Alcohol Violations Attorney Boca Raton | All You Need to Know About Florida Alcohol Laws

With over millions of travelers flooding the coasts, the Keys, and Cinderella’s castle, it’s not a big secret that Florida is one of the perfect vacation destinations in the country. However, countless visitors assume that the alcohol laws in the Sunshine State are the same as those where they live. Before you and your best pals get too excited to explore the night scene, know about the Florida alcohol laws so that you won’t have to deal with serious legal problems that would take an alcohol violations attorney Boca Raton to help you out.

Common Florida Alcohol Laws

  • Drinking isn’t allowed on public property including parking lots, streets, sidewalks, and beaches anywhere in the state.
  • It’s illegal for anyone below 21 years of age to purchase alcohol. A first offense is considered a crime. The offender will be required to serve jail time for a period of 60 days and pay a fine of $500. A second offense may result in imprisonment for up to 1 year as well as a $1,000 fine.
  • A minor who uses a fake ID to purchase, or even attempt to purchase, alcohol is a crime and is punishable with imprisonment for up to 5 years and a $5,000 fine.
  • Lending your ID to a someone or using someone else’s ID is punishable with 60-days jail time and a $500 fine. The state may even suspend both people’s licenses for a year.
  • Driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher is illegal. For those under 21 years old, including adults, it’s .02 or higher. A BAC of .02 up to .05 will result in license suspension for 6 months.
  • Open alcohol containers are prohibited in motor vehicles. A fine of $73 to $90 will be required from the driver. The passengers will receive a fine of $43 to $60.
  • The licenses of drivers who refuse to submit a BAC test will be immediately suspended for a year. A second refusal will be punishable by automatic suspension for 18 months.
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Marchman Act Lawyer Florida | Comparing the Marchman and Baker Act

Do you have a loved one who’s become a threat to himself or herself and to others? Does this same person refuse to get help even after a long tearful talk? Is this loved one currently residing in the state of Florida? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then it’s about time that you read up about the Marchman Act and the Baker Act. It would even be better if you’ll get a chance to talk to a Marchman Act lawyer Florida about your situation.

The Difference Between the Marchman Act and the Baker Act

  • Baker Act
Also known as the Florida Mental Health Act, it was ratified in 1971. It is used to enable families to seek evaluation, temporary detention, and involuntary mental health services on behalf of a mentally impaired individual. It is only used for those who are not capable of recognizing the need for immediate mental healthcare. Also, it can be used is to care for people who refuse to get treatment and inflict harm to others. The state requires up to 72 hours for the issuance of Involuntary Examination court orders. Furthermore, a public defender is appointed to represent the concerned individual. This happens during the hearing of Involuntary Placement petitions that are heard within 5 days. If the court decides that the person meets statutory criteria, involuntary treatment for up to 6 months may be ordered. If there’s a reason to believe that the person’s behavior meets statutory guidelines for involuntary examination under the Baker Act, Law Enforcement is authorized to transport the person to an evaluation facility.
  • Marchman Act
This is sometimes referred to as the Hal S. Marchman Alcohol and Other Drug Services Act of 1993. It provides an individual’s loved one to seek emergency assistance and temporary detention on his or her behalf. This happens only when there’s a reason to believe that the individual is struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and appears to pose danger to himself or herself and to others. Marchman Act Involuntary Treatment petitions are heard in court within 5 days. A public defender is also appointed to represent the person. Once the court decides that the individual meets the statutory criteria, an involuntary treatment may be ordered for up to 60 days. where is a good marchman act lawyer florida?

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Drug and Alcohol Attorney Boca Raton | Top 3 Questions About Guardianship

If you have an adult loved one who’s no longer able to make sound decisions for himself or herself, then you’ll need to talk to a drug and alcohol attorney Boca Raton or read up on the top questions about guardianship. Check this out:

What is Guardianship?

Also known as conservatorship, guardianship is a legal proceeding that takes place in the circuit courts of Florida. Since the establishment of guardianship would mean that an individual’s considerable rights are to be removed from the person, guardianship should only be pursued if all other alternatives to guardianship are unavailable or ineffective.

What is a Guardian?

The Guardian refers to the person or an institution appointed by the courts to look after an incapacitated person or a “ward”, as well as the ward’s assets. When certain rights to the guardian are given through the guardianship order, those same rights will be taken away from the ward.

Who Can Be a Guardian?

Any resident of Florida who is an adult or a close relative of the ward who’s not residing in Florida can serve as a guardian. However, those who are incapable of fulfilling the duties of a guardian and those who have been convicted of a felony can’t be appointed. Furthermore, institutions such as a charitable corporation, a nonprofit religious organization, or a public guardian, can also act as a guardian.  A bank trust department can also act as a guardian of the ward’s property. where is a good drug and alcohol attorney Boca Raton?

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Drug and Alcohol Attorney Boca Raton | FAQs About the Marchman Act

Do you have a loved one who refuses to get treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol? Perhaps you’re desperate to save his or her life that’s why you want to learn all you can about the Marchman Act. If you haven’t had the chance to talk to a Drug and Alcohol Attorney Boca Raton about this law, here’s what you need to know:

What Exactly is the Marchman Act?

The Marchman Act is a Florida State Law that is sometimes referred to as the “Hal S. Marchman Alcohol and Other Drug Services Act of 1993”. It seeks to provide ways and means of both involuntary and voluntary assessment, stabilization, and treatment of someone who has a problem with alcohol or drugs. This means that friends or family members are allowed to petition the court to commit a person to mandatory treatment for drug or alcohol addiction or other mental illness issues.

Why Was This Law Passed?

Everybody knows that you can’t force an individual who is legally an adult (18 years old and above), to get medical treatment for anything. However, when a particular adult suffers addiction to drugs and/or alcohol or mental illness, he becomes incapable of seeking help for himself. This causes them to become a threat to themselves and to the people around them. For this reason, the Marchman Act was passed so that even those who are over the age of 18 can be forced to get treatment if their state of mind is impaired by their addiction or their mental health issue.

How Does it Work?

To ensure that no person will be thrown into a facility against their will when it’s not necessary, several steps have to be taken. The petition must be filed by the person’s spouse or a relative. If the person isn’t married or has no relatives, a group of three people must file the petition. A court-approved package must be filled out to describe the person’s drug or alcohol addiction and their destructive behavior that’s a danger to himself and others. where is the best drug and alcohol attorney Boca Raton?

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