The National Opioid Crisis

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Hello, everyone. Thank you for all the wonderful comments that I’m getting. I’m gathering that, from some of the things that are being said to me online and in person, the thoughts that I’m sharing with you are affecting other people. I’m not the only one who experiences different things during the day. I enjoy making these videos to share my thoughts and hopefully make a difference.
Last week, I thought I was feeling depressed. I’m going to be 51 in January. A friend of mine said, “You’re having a midlife crisis.” I said, “I’m normally a happy-go-lucky person. I don’t know if that’s true.” I called a friend of mine. She’s a licensed clinical social worker. I said, “I think I’m depressed.” She said, “How many people have you helped this week?” I looked at my calendar and realized I hadn’t been as busy this week as I would like to have been. I said, “I don’t think I helped that many people this week.” She said, “You’re not depressed, you’re bored. You need to go out there and help more people. When you help more people and give of yourself, you won’t feel depressed. You won’t feel bored. You’ll be happier.”
I took her advice. Thursday and this morning, I spent time calling former clients and getting back to people to see how things were going with them. It turned out, I was able to help a few more people. I feel much better. Sometimes we think we’re depressed. Maybe you are. Sometimes we’re not depressed. We’re so focused on ourselves that we lose sight of what we’re really here for, which is to help other people. I’m going to make more effort to help more people.
One of the things that we have in the works here at Drug & Alcohol Attorneys is a brand-new website that I’m building. I’m primarily building it because I think I can reach more people. If I can reach more people, I can help more people. That’s the foundation of our business model. It’s about helping more people, getting out there and making a difference. We’re building a new website. It should be up in the next four to five weeks.
I told my web designer that I want to have a bigger presence on social media. If I can have a bigger presence, then I can help more people. The underlying philosophy here is to help more people. By helping more people, I can grow a bigger business and help more people. Then I won’t call my friend to tell her I’m depressed when, really, I just need to help more people.
I had an opportunity to watch the president’s speech yesterday about the opioid addiction crisis health issue that we have in this country. While I’m happy that the president recognizes that we have a significant problem, my thought is this. Show me the money. Show us that you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is. This is a problem that could be fixed in large part by throwing money at it. You have to make treatment available to everyone.
The vast majority of people in the criminal justice system are there because they have an addiction or mental health issue. The people who I deal with on a daily basis and families that are being destroyed by the diseases of addiction and mental health come to me because they’ve either never had access to treatment or never had access to someone who could help them get into treatment. Until we make treatment available to everyone, as opposed to those people who can cash pay or have health insurance, I don’t see this problem going away.
I hope that we’re going to take some of this money and use it wisely. I have written about one of the solutions that I think is appropriate. There has been a lot of publicity on this here in Florida that a lot of the private treatment centers are the problem. I disagree. I do not think that private treatment centers, on the whole, are a problem. I think a lot of them could be the solution. If money comes to Florida, I hope that it is not going to be given to bureaucrats and politicians who are only good at spending money.
I hope that some of the excellent treatment providers that we have here in south Florida, that make a difference every day by helping people, will have an opportunity to have access to that money. Then we can use it wisely to help a lot of people. I apologize for getting on my political horse. I don’t talk a lot about politics. When I heard the president’s speech yesterday, I felt that it needed some commentary. Those are my two thoughts for the day. Get out there and help lots of people. Thank you.

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