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We’ve all had medication prescribed to us at one time or another, but not all medications and not all doctors are created equally. Some medications, especially those that are addictive, are prescribed irresponsibly and that can start us on the slippery slope of addiction.
Opioid injuries and deaths are preventable tragedies, but the epidemic has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in this country.
Drug And Alcohol Attorneys founder Mark Astor says:
“Deaths and overdoses are preventable, and are the end result of pharmaceutical company greed. Once you or your family member has fallen victim TO prescription medications and more powerful opioids such as heroin, there is a loss of control. The pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers should be held financially liable for the strain they’ve caused on the public and the destruction they’ve done to countless families.”
Lawsuits are now being filed because of “misinformation” about the risks of opioid addiction, dating back into the early 2000’s.
If you believe that a loved one overdosed or died due to opioid addiction, you should contact an experienced lawyer to see if you qualify for compensation.
The team at Drug and Alcohol Attorneys are there to set you and your family on the road to recovery.
They are in the business of making a difference, empowering families and giving you options.
They will help you to get your loved one into treatment and assist you to seek the compensation you deserve for the injuries inflicted.
For more information, call Drug and Alcohol Attorneys and ask to speak to the Opioid Litigation Team.

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