Marchman Act Lawyer in Florida | What is the Marchman Act?

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Where can I find a marchman act lawyer in Florida?

The Hal S. Marchman Alcohol and Other Drug Services Act of 1993, or more commonly referred to as the Marchman Act, provides for emergency assistance and temporary detention for individuals requiring substance abuse evaluation and treatment in the state of Florida. The act essentially allows a friend or family member to force someone into treatment. How exactly does the Marchman Act work though and how did it come about? Let’s take a deeper look at what it is from a Marchman Act lawyer in Florida.

How Does It Work?

In order to initiate the Marchman Act, a petition needs to be filed for involuntary assessment in the county court. The petition must be filed in good faith by a person recognized by the court to do so. In order to file, the person that is filing must have either reason to believe or direct knowledge that the individual in question has lost control of their substance abuse problem. They also need to have reason to believe that they can have the potential to inflict direct harm on either themselves or others.

Why do I need a marchman act lawyer in Florida?

How is the Petition Filed?

When it comes to filing the paperwork, it’s actually fairly simple. The packet will be provided by either the clerk at your local county court or by your Marchman Act lawyer. Once the packet is filled out, it will be presented to that same clerk of court to determine if the individual in question meets the Marchman Act requirements.

Are You Looking for a Marchman Act Lawyer in Florida?

At Drug and Alcohol Attorneys, we are a state-wide law firm with Marchman Act Attorneys serving every county in Florida. If you or someone you know knows someone that you believe could benefit from being Marchman Acted, contact us immediately.

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