Marchman Act in Florida | Does Forced Treatment Work?

By Jackie Payne 3 months ago
Who can help me with the marchman act in Florida?

Addiction is a complex disease that not only affects the person addicted but those around them as well. While in a perfect world the person who is suffering from addiction would get help on their own, that doesn’t always happen. In some situations, family and friends have to talk that person into getting help. In some extreme cases, the person has to essentially be forced into treatment against their will. This is known as the Marchman Act. Let’s take a look at the Marchman Act in Florida and how forced treatment works.

What is Forced Treatment?

While in many cases forced treatment is a last ditch effort, sometimes it’s the only option left. Sometimes, the person suffering from addiction just isn’t going to get the help they need. When that happens, the Marchman Act can be implemented. A person can be Marchman Acted if they are either doing harm to themselves, have threatened harm on themselves or others, or if there is reason to believe that they could hurt someone.

What is the marchman act in Florida?Does Forced Treatment Work?

The answer to this depends on the individual person in question. However, it works from the standpoint that it gets them into treatment. From there it is up to the person suffering from the addiction to decide if they want to accept the treatment they are being given. For many people though, the Marchman Act not only saves their lives but puts them on a path to recovery.

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