An arrest and DUI charge is no laughing matter. The effects of the experience can change your life forever and derail you from your dreams. This is why it is essential if you are charged with DUI in Boca Raton, FL, you work with experienced attorneys who can help you navigate the complexities of the court system. We represent people charged with DUI in Florida. We understand that DUI is big business in the state – from the money paid to the arresting officer to the fees charged for probation and the classes you must take if charged. The result is a system that treats citizens unfairly and puts your livelihood and well-being at risk. Even before you are convicted, you risk losing your driver’s license for as much as a year. We can help you fight the penalties, fines, and repercussions of a DUI arrest.

We ensure the after-effects of your arrest and/or convictions do not get out of control.

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Florida is also home to mandatory minimum sentencing, which means no matter the circumstances of your situation, you are looking at least a year in jail and a $1000 fine. You need an attorney on your side to protect your rights and help you avoid a lifetime of misery from
one mistake.

If you are facing drug charges and frightened about what might happen, we can help. We are experienced attorneys who have been helping Boca Raton, FL residents fight drug charges for years. We understand the Florida court system and we knows things are not always as simple as
they seem – even when you are not guilty of a crime.

We will assist you with issues that include DUI school, ignition interlock devices, higher insurance rates, loss of your job, community service requirements, probation, loss of an immigrant or non-immigrant visa, and loss of any professional licenses. All of these scenarios are very real in light
of a DUI arrest – you need an attorney on your side, fighting to protect your rights.

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In June of 2016, the lawyers at DrugAndAlcoholAttorneys.com represented me at a hearing in Orlando (by phone) in a case where I was seeking eligibility to obtain a real estate license in the State of Florida. To be approved for a license in this profession, you must be fingerprinted and background checked. When prior convictions of drug charges came up on my background check, I was asked to appear at a hearing in Orlando in front of the Board of The Department of Business and Professional Regulations… READ MORE

Laurie S., Boca Raton, FL.

It is our honor and privilege to recommend the attorneys at Drug and Alcohol Attorneys. Our council made us feel that he was representing one of his own family members. He had superior speaking and writing skills, which were extremely beneficial to our case, and was someone who first listens, then thoroughly and objectively considers all the evidence before making a decision…. READ MORE

Gerald & Arlene K., Pompano Beach, FL.