Addiction Can Happen At Any Age

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Good morning, everyone. I hope you have all recovered from the Thanksgiving Day turkey food coma. These days, I’m always catching you post-workout. I promise, I do go home, take a shower and make myself look presentable. When I work out, it’s a cathartic time of the morning for me. I have thoughts that come to me and I want to share them. At my age, I tend to forget very quickly.
Last night, Audra and I were out with an amazing woman. We met her through our networking opportunities in the community. She is an amazing entrepreneur, wife and mother. She is an unbelievable beacon of energy. She was gracious enough to share with us the story of her husband who is around my age in his early fifties. He had been in recovery for a number of years.
It crossed my mind as I heard her amazing story that perhaps there are people out there that we have been ignoring. We haven’t been trying to help them. Most of the young people that we help are 18 to 30. Their moms and dads meet with us and ask us to help get their children into treatment. That’s really been our focus.
It appears that there is a whole group of individuals who are a little older and are having issues. We want to help those people. You might know someone who is dealing with an alcohol issue. If you’re someone who has been using pills or heroin, chances are, you haven’t made it to your early fifties. These days, if you start abusing opioids in your late teens and early twenties, chances are, you won’t make it past 30 or 35.
These are individuals who are closer to our age. They need help. We want to help them. There’s a lot of love in this community. There’s an amazing community of support that will help individuals who are dealing with issues of alcohol abuse. We want to help them. We will help them. Be your brother’s keeper. Be your sister’s keeper. Offer to help.
Let them know that we are out there and we want to help as many people in the community as we can. It doesn’t matter their age or what has caused the issue, whether it’s addiction or mental illness. We want to help them. Thank you for the amazing words of support. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I’m humbled by it. Have a good rest of the week. Work out. Keep your mind straight. Keep your body straight. I look forward to sharing more thoughts with you very soon.

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